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Let's talk about me for a minute

As of 2017, I am working as a product designer for CentralApp. After spending four years studying print design and DTP,  I attended the Institut des Arts de Diffusion to learn motion design and improve my graphic design skills. In 2012 I started a marketing company called Iconic Matter, where I principally worked with ui/ux and branding. We were selected to take part in the accelerator programme in Cambridge JBS, where we spent a few months studying the foundations of a strong marketing business and entrepreneurship. 

Antoine Pirard

Brussels, Belgium



Design process


User Research - Understanding what are the needs of your customers, who are your competitors, etc help me to find the best way to design your product.

Protoyping - Testing all the possibilities we have throught many mockups to build the best user experience as possible. 

Design - Bringing my love for clean and branded experience to your interface to make it as easy to use as possible is my main goal. Also love to bring some personal guts into it.

Ha and there, it's me...